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  • Jeongho Park

    Jeongho Park

  • Diego Salinas

    Diego Salinas

    Follow me on a journey through AI and Neuroscience on https://medium.com/artificial-intelligence-and-cognition

  • Lucas Vilsen

    Lucas Vilsen

    Hi, I am Lucas Vilsen. I am: Studying biotechnology | Founder of @LeafyDK | Writer om medium | Triahtlete | Personal growth enthuasiast. Say Hi @LucasVilsen

  • Julia Nikulski

    Julia Nikulski

    At the intersection of data science & sustainability | Editorial associate at Towards Data Science | GitHub: https://github.com/julianikulski

  • Rafael Belokurows

    Rafael Belokurows

    Aspiring Data Scientist, compulsive reader and just hoping to survive the global pandemic

  • Fan Yuan

    Fan Yuan

    Passionate at Data Science, Information System Management Master from CMU, Traveling lover, Music lover

  • Trey Huffine

    Trey Huffine

    Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

  • Srinivasan Saripalli

    Srinivasan Saripalli

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